Do you want to offer an exceptional experience to your members and give them the opportunity to have tailor-made outfits made for them and in your image? That’s exactly what we offer!

  • The development of your customized design is free and it is also possible to have more than one style or color.
  • The personalization of each garment is possible at no extra cost (addition of the name/first name for example).
  • Your designs will be exclusive, reserved only to your members and accessible via your secure group page.


  • As a club, you get 15% discount right from the beginning, if you buy more than 10 units, an additional discount is also applicable. These group prices are valid on all cycling and triathlon outfits branded with your club’s logo.
  • You can also get up to 15% discount on running shirts customized for your group.

Minimum quantity:

  • No minimum, if you want to get just one set, it’s totally possible!

Order period:

  • Your members can order whenever they want directly on your secure and exclusive Endorphin page. As group or club manager, you don’t have any order management or payment management to do.
  • Outfits will be available for the entire period covered by the agreement between you and Endorphin Cycling & Triathlon, no fixed order deadline applies. This means that your members can place their orders whenever they want during the period and if for example a new members join your group, he will also be able to place an order, even if the first orders have already been delivered.

Taking body measurements:

  • For groups of more than 10 members, we offer for free to go to one of your meetings or training with our 3D body scanner to take all measurements. In addition to the body measurements, each member will get a fitness report absolutely free of charge. (Available in the Montreal area only for the moment).
  • It is always possible to take the measurements manually; this task takes only a few minutes and is very simple to perform.

Lead time:

  • Delivery time is 15 to 20 business days.


  • If ever as a club you wish to finance yourself through the sale of the apparel, it is possible to modify the prices intended for the members and thus, the difference will be given to you in the form of a commission payable directly to the club. This means that the percentage discount obtained by the member is less, but the difference goes directly to the club.

Contact us by email or phone 1.877.454.4509 for any requests or additional information!